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Project Goals

The information gap when I needed answers about cancer and its management and more importantly, how to survive it is what drove me to actively use my background as an epidemiologist and a cancer patient to seek out information from various avenues and collate this into an information base that would help make informed decisions about her treatment and what helped her have a well-informed supportive circuit of caregivers which led to an easier and smoother treatment journey with minimal side effects and a better quality of life even with the expected side effects of treatment.

It is this journey that she hopes to replicate and make accessible to other patients walking the same journey in the hope that it will make their treatment must easier and that some of the dignity and quality of life will be restored during and after treatment.

Project activities

The activities will be grouped into the various corners that will have similar activities as shown below

  • Nutritional corner- Health education and nutritional talks
  • Cancer Screening corner – Screening for reproductive cancers – Cervical, Prostrate, Breast cancers
  • Essential NCD screening (Blood sugars, blood pressure, BMI, Height/Weight
  • Group talk sessions – Counselling and social support
  • Oncology information corner
  • Grooming and Wellness corner
  • Kids creativity corner
  • Exercise corner
  • Palliative care corner