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Please Join in & Support The Cause

Please Join in & Support The Cause

My cancer journey though scary was made smoother by the access to information and support systems that surrounded me with positivity. And this is something I would like to pay forward through the Cancer Café.

Even if you are not the one directly affected, we all know someone who is affected by cancer be it a relative a relative, a colleague or friend. The Cancer Café provides space to connect with others and ask experts questions you may have – the wealth of information you will get is amazing. Attend the cancer cafes, ask those questions you have about cancer learn and celebrate life.

I’m currently looking for partners to work with on our country statistics so that the public has access to current and updated information about the cancer situation within the country. Currently, the situation is cancer registers in 2 of our public hospitals but they have a backlog of about two years. This has the effect of using backdated reports or using developed country statistics to estimate our country situation yet we can get home grown solutions for our current state of affairs. I also hope to occasionally give patients and survivors a day they can take a breather from the doldrums of treatment and have some complimentary wellness services and pamper them.

Feel free to get in touch should you wish to join me in making a difference. And remember to live life day by day, love and appreciate those who matter to you.”