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Cancer survivors have the multi disadvantage of living with long term side effects like chronic fatigue, brain fog and lymphedema (swollen limbs), this coupled with the high cost of medication and care wreaks havoc to families, finances and support which creates the monster of stigmatization, isolation or abandonment.

To help regain some of the dignity lost due to Cancer, the Cancer Café has a 3-prong program that aims to help persons living with cancer to proactively take charge of the situation, break free from the dependency and stigmatization and demonstrate that even at their diminished capacity, they can still be value additions to their families and communities.

  1. We provide basic nutrition (fortified with essential vitamins that help reduce the side effects of treatment).
  2. We provide skills training for our members to help them economically empower themselves to enable them to regain financial stability after the draining nature of treatment. From this, we help members ring fence funds for future medical needs through keeping their National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) cover updates to cater for their family medical needs. The members are involved in table banking that helps them seek financial support from within the group whenever a need arises.
  3. Information sharing and constant check in is carried out in an environment that is relaxing, positive energy and non-judgmental. A safe space where members can be vulnerable and receive the love and support that they need for their mental, spiritual, and psychological wellness.

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