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Our Mission

We tailor-make solutions for people living with cancer by providing resources and simplified, holistic, credible, consistent information about cancer management.

Program guiding principles (Goals)

  1. Creating local solutions to local problems with a global mindset outlook
  2. Adapting innovative culturally acceptable solutions that encourage sustainability
  3. Service to society with a clear sense of our interconnectedness

The objective was to provide food to cancer patients unable to access proper nutrition during treatment due to the effects of curfew and inaccessibility to work during the COVID-19 epidemic

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, vulnerable groups are advised to distance themselves and take extra caution to prevent infection from the Coronavirus. This had the effects of the majority in low-income dwellings losing their daily wages and subsequently having very little food for themselves and their families.

In light of these, the Cancer Café in collaboration with the Rotary club of Magharibi and The National Cancer Institute of Kenya has been running a Bonga points food drive to gather up Safaricom bonga points and Mpesa from well-wishers and converting this into food to cater for the nutritional needs of cancer patients.

On the 24th April, we received 916 Kgs of fortified Uji (porridge) flour and protein food packs from Kapu Africa – a subsidiary of the Midwest Food Bank, whose mission is to assure food availability for Kenyan distribution needs and beyond by provision of food banks.

The food packs were able to cater for 120 cancer patients’ families for a period of 3 weeks within 4 low-income areas of Nairobi City.
Direct beneficiaries thus far are more than 500 persons affected by cancer either directly as patients/survivors or indirectly as family members.

We are coming to your dearest partners and friends asking for contributions either in MPESA or Bonga Points to help us provide food sustenance for vulnerable groups.

Kapu Africa – A food bank that has the mission of eradicating hunger & malnutrition in Africa through the collaboration of farmers and beneficiaries to provide food and essentially a warm meal to those in dire need of it.

Our target is 900,000 Bonga Points (Ksh 270,000) that will feed 120 patients ( and their families) for one month.
Our promise will be transparency on contributions received measured against target achievements and beneficiaries reached by your contribution.

6,800 Bonga Points(Ksh 2,000) gets cancer patients these for one-week food supply

  • 2kg Fortified Uji Flour
  • Protein meal pack
  • Assorted Donations

Food Drive Sustainability plan

As an organization, we are cognizant of the fact that this pandemic will be here with us for a long time and that families are slowly adopting a new normal that involves incorporating interventions that enable people to get back to work and protect themselves.

We are looking to working with businesses and corporate in matching these families with assignments, jobs, and opportunities that will help them get off the dependency platform and regain that dignity taken away.

For now, we need all the help we can get since the majority of the families have no other source of nutrition other than the fortified meals that we are delivering to them.


Report update | month 2 food donations

What started out as a small venture to cater to 35 families of cancer patients or survivors that were struggling to get proper nutrition during their cancer care has bloomed into a care package of love and support for 120 families in low income areas of Nairobi.

We have just completed Month 2 of care package compilation and distribution to patients/survivors in Kibera, Kariobangi areas.

A big thank you to #KapuAfrica #SoyAfrica in collaboration with The National Cancer Institute- #NCI_K , #CancerCafe254, Stoma World Kenya,Spot on, Symbol of Hope warriors, Rotary Magharibi (Nrbi), #Longrich and #TheSaintsGym.

If you would like to join us for month 3 contributions, please go to for details on how to support a family with fortified food that’s nutrient packed among other items.

We are receiving donations in bonga points, mpesa or physical goods towards this cause. #TogetherSeparately

We converted some bonga points/mpesa in May to cater for that month fortified food supply as follows.

Building up on our earlier conversation on the bonga points the rate is 1 bonga point for 30cents

hence for 291,400=291400*0.3=ksh 87,420

Mpesa of ksh 35,900

20 bales of Tender Mercies (Rice and Legume meal)=ksh 90,000 (1 bale is 25kgs and has 50 packets of 500gms.Each pack of 500gms feeds 6 people)

12 bales of Unimix (Fortified Uji Floor) =Ksh 33,320(1 bale is 24kgs and it has 12 packs of 2kgs each)

So from the 427,447 Bonga points, we used

411,066 Bonga pots to cater for May food supply, giving a balance of 16,380

We have received 44,377 Bonga points as at today, which gives us a sum total of

16,380+44,377 = 60,757

Our food projections for the coming three months to feed 140 families is as follows

One family (Estimated 4 people) daily consumption =

1kg fortified rice/legume meal =Ksh 180

200g Unimix fortified Uji = Ksh 116

Unit cost to feed one family for one day = 295 (300/-) (9000 Bonga points)

Weekly cost to feed one family = Ksh 2,100 (63,000 Bonga Points)

Monthly cost to feed one family = Ksh 8,400 (252,000 Bonga points)

Monthly cost to feed 140 families – Ksh 1,176,000 (32,280,000 Bonga points)

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