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Bonga points food drive.

As an organization, we are cognizant of the fact that this pandemic will be here with us for a long time and that families are slowly adopting a new normal that involves incorporating interventions that enable people to get back to work and protect themselves.

We are looking to working with businesses and corporate in matching these families with assignments, jobs, and opportunities that will help them get off the dependency platform and regain that dignity taken away.

For now, we need all the help we can get since the majority of the families have no other source of nutrition other than the fortified meals that we are delivering to them.

Target | 900,000 Bonga Points

Our target is 900,000 Bonga Points (Ksh 270,000) that will feed 120 patient ( and their families) for one month. 6,800 Bonga Points(Ksh 2,000) gets cancer patients these for one-week food supply:

  1. 2kg Fortified Uji Flour
  2. Protein meal pack
  3. Assorted donations

Bonga Points Raised



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