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The year 2020 is off to a very weird start with the entire world has caught a fever and is threatened by this insanely small COVID-19 virus that’s wreaking havoc to systems, homes, and economies.

Do we make choices to look at the situation and fightback? do we give up? make the best out of it or raise our hands in despair? We may not be able to control a lot of what happens to us from external forces but we have a powerful inner core that we have control over how we choose to react and respond.

I pray that collectively we will band together and support each other. Check on the other person, help where you can. It feels like a hard time… but just like my treatment schedule – it will pass and I pray that we come out of this as better human beings with a world that we care for.

Mwachiro-my very good friend and fellow fighter with a whacky sense of realistic humor have penned out this really amazing article that is quite a good read. Click the link to read more about the article.

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