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We have questions about life.. questions of why me? what did I do so wrong? Questions of what do I do now? and we walk around carrying so much guilt, so much hurt, so much pain, lashing out at anyone who dares to offer a helping hand only because they are the nearest release point to the pressure slowly building up within us.

And you walk through life Until the day someone sees you are hurting and is not turned away by the rough and tough exterior that we put up to protect ourselves from feeling and they slowly and carefully help you to learn how to feel, to reflect, to internalize that life’s journey isn’t always smooth sailing and that each lesson…good and bad is there to help us see life from different perspectives and not only heal over time…in everyone’s unique timeline…but also empathise with others, feel their pain and reach out to them, helping them walk the minefield that you walked through since you know better what that felt like.

That’s what the cancer cafe is… Space, where we use our lived-in experiences battling cancer to share, learn and find better ways of handling adversity. We acknowledge that the system is not perfect and just as we are imperfect beings, we learn how to use what we have, where we are for the benefit of communities and cancer management.

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